Getting you test drives!


Whether you’re a multinational or a local dealer, Hoorah Digital knows what it takes to give you the competitive advantage. We drive test drives through our digital media strategies. We are happy to earn on test drives!

We use your database to segment your audience and talk directly to your customers one-on-one. Thanks to first-party data, we understand your customers like real people. We know which car they drive, how long they’ve driven it, and even what they might like to drive one day. We package this information into a hard-hitting ad and trigger it on their favourite site. Our approach to the creative collateral? We eschew frills, only using the content we believe will drive a conversion. After all, the end goal is to get people to sign up for test drives and to eventually buy a new car.

With the first-party data in hand we are able to track a customer journey in the nascent stages online – from the very first click of that ad – all the way through to the purchase of a car in your lot. Pretty amazing, right? Hoorah Digital makes use of proprietary technology to offer this special service to automotive clients. For the first time, it’s possible to point to image comprised of a sea of pixels anchored to the World Wide Web and held afloat by servers and say: “that sold a car.”

In other words, we can sit you down and show you that the media campaign you’re running is making a real difference to your bottom line.
Finally, our other awesome specialities include:

  • Generating Test Drives
  • Pushing leads, and tracking these leads to your sales teams
  • Converting customers across multiple channels
  • Fully integrated digital campaigns that prove results

Our Services to best support this industry

Personalize the consumer experience.

By doing this, it drives costs down, effectively engages with consumers and collects accurate data for smarter future strategies.


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