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What we need to know about FMCG

Big Data and the consumer packaged goods industry are an indispensable fit. Why? Because Big Data allows you to cut out the middleman and market to your consumer directly.

With new proprietary technology at our disposal, we can now track whether a customer interacts with an ad online and then completes a purchase offline in the corresponding shop. This form of online to offline measurement can transform the FMCG space.

Additionally, we leverage customer insights to drive loyalty schemes, promotions and more. By analysing the data, we gain a valuable insight into consumer behaviour.

In a competitive marketplace, we offer the FMCG industry two distinct advantages: 1) We can conclusively prove that an advertisement online has made a result to a company’s bottom line. And 2), we can read customers like real people and speak to them accordingly.

In total, Hoorah Digital’s debonair skills include:

  • Online to offline measurement
  • Databasing
  • Customer segmentation
  • Multi-channel strategies
  • Tracking promotional ROI
  • Winning consumers’ hearts and minds!

Our Services to best support this industry

Shifting techniques and online strategies.

Grabbing the attention of a consumer mind and long term buy in means thinking out of the box and executing unique strategies.

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