Crypto Technologies.

We are in the midst of an ICO era

Hoorah Digital is hugely passionate about the cryptocurrency space and we use our digital clout to market ICOs to the world. These businesses require careful assistance and a dedicated marketing plan to drive interest. Perception is everything. If an ICO hopes to survive, it needs to court favourable public opinion.

We put together a marketing plan (programmatic, display, search, social) to build up the brand. In a competitive climate, you need people to trust in your product.

Given our knowledge of this space, we typically charge only a percentage of our usual fee and cover the windfall through coins paid out prior to market launch.

Furthermore, we partner with mining firms and crypto disruptors. In this capacity our marketing efforts are invaluable for sourcing customers and we provide strategic data-led support at all times. As in any emerging industry, marketing drives sales.

We can assist with sales through branding, digital strategy, media, programmatic, creative UX.

Our Services to best support this industry

Cryptocurrency marketing is important.

Online marketing is the synonym of growth for the online business world.

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