Mad skills ahead.

Our Executive Team

  • Shaune Jordaan Co-Founder & CEO

    Shaune likes cheese – his family owns a cheese farm in Switzerland.. not really. But he likes cheese. He also loves traveling, surfing, laughing and all things digital. Once upon a time he had dreads and long hair. Here at Hoorah Digital, Shaune leads the team and is passionate about delivering world class results to brands and building a digital culture that drives change. He is the former co-founder / CEO of an award winning performance digital agency with an extensive global client list. He’s worked extensively across the globe, growing digital portfolio’s and leading digital transformation. He is one of Africa’s most experienced digital leaders.

  • Xola Nouse Director

    Xola is a seasoned specialist in strategy, marketing and business development having honed these skills in the financial services sector, FMCG sector and management consulting at Ernst & Young (EY) South Africa. In addition to this, Xola is the co-founder and Managing Director at The Odd Number, the leading 100% black owned advertising agency in SA. When not scrutinising balance sheets or unpacking strategies, you can catch him practicing his golf swing, falling off his road bike or training to become a professional soccer player. At Hoorah Digital, Xola’s role is to ensure that we reach our growth targets month-on-month and that we kick ass and take names in the process.

  • Sbu Sitole Director

    Sbu loves to laugh… at people, yes at you! Sbu has a Higher Diploma in Art Direction from the Red & Yellow School of Advertising in Cape Town. He has a solid 11 years experience in the Advertising industry working for company’s such a DRAFTFCB, Grey SA, TBWA / Hunt / Lascaris and as a Creative Group Head at Joe Public, and Creative Director at Ogilvy & Mather Johannesburg. Sbu is at best an average runner, terrible musician. However, his sister is actually a famous American actress, so famous we can’t mention her name.

  • Jay Thomson Co-Founder & CSO

    If Jay could ride his F800GS adventure motorbike everyday for the rest of his days on planet earth, he would. He is a serious biker and adventurist. At Hoorah Digital, Jay leads client and digital innovation and always looks at performance and brand missed opportunities. Jay is a big thinker, tech lead and a hugely ambitious individual. Previously the co-founder of a multi-award winning digital agency with offices throughout Southern Africa, he worked with large brands and clients in the region achieving international acclaim for the work.

  • Tasmin Kingma Head of Media

    By heart, Tasmin is a sun gypsy and her eternal dream is to travel alongside the sun. She loves animals, especially goats, they make her smile. Here at Hoorah Digital she leads media strategy and is result driven with strong focus on building data lead by technology. She is one of Africa’s finest digital talents and built one of the first programmatic teams in South-Africa. She previously successfully lead a team of 15 media specialist with a client portfolio ranging from Africa to Europe.

  • Neil Pursey Head of Inbound

    Just because Neil stares at his computer all day long, it doesn’t mean he can fix your printer but he can however Google it for you. Neil is the analytics guy, he believes that solving problems starts with digging into the data. At Hoorah Digital, Neil focuses on inbound and performance marketing as well as digital education. He is the co-founder of Webgrowth digital education. Neil has championed the principle of using data to drive digital marketing strategies and encouraged the pursuit of simplifying perceived complexity in the field of SEO, paid search, automated marketing and data analytics.  

  • Jason Liebenberg Director - Tenzing

    Jason has a true affinity for board-room meetings, the kind which include boardshorts and warm Durban waters! Whilst he does enjoy surfing, Jason’s business passion lies in the realms of digital design and development. He crafted his art by working at global companies such as Barrows and Derivco on some of the biggest blue-chip brands in the world. Jason always had the desire to run his own digital agency and in 2016 he founded Tenzing, a specialist digital agency focused on building tech and creating content. In 2018, Hoorah Digital acquired Tenzing.