Google analytics knows everything

Google Analytics records everything about your audience: from their age to their location to the browser they prefer, the length of time they spend on individual pages, the very phone they’re using. You can even introduce custom measuring data to look at specific actions occurring on your site.
Google Analytics (GA) is the most powerful reporting tool on the planet and every member of our team has been individually certified by the search engine giant.

When we get started with a new client, we audit your site first, fixing common problems, such as:

  • Unused profiles
  • AdWords profiles that are not linked/connected with GA
  • Inaccurate content reports
  • Marketing campaigns that are not properly tagged (meaning you can’t analyse impact effectively)
  • Non-alignment on key conversion points
  • Missing code
  • The inability to track customers journeys through domains and subdomains

Once your site has been optimised, we’ll do the following:

  • Ensure that your Google Analytics profile is speaking to all your other Google tools, like AdWords, Search Console and DoubleClick. You want each tool to be working at maximum capacity.
  • Integrate your payment gateway with your GA profile
  • Analyse the sales journey/funnel (identifying where people drop off)
  • Set up automated reports that keep you in the loop in real-time
  • Map positive behaviours occurring on your site (sign ups, search terms, form completions, conversions).
  • Implement form tracking
  • Custom filters
  • Capture search queries on-site
  • Assign attribution values to steps in the conversion chain.
  • Pull in data from external sources – like your CRM system, or offline sales point.

Website user behaviour is important.

As well as understanding paid channels and website user behaviour on site.

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