Continuous consumer engagement

Marketing automation centres on driving results at scale with limited human involvement, freeing your staff of the competitive tasks that eat into the day. At Hoorah Digital, we push consumers through the funnel with a hook, or a bait, and rely on automated content engagement to turn them from a cold lead into a warm lead. On its own, automation is not a one-size-fits-all solution, but with a good strategy in place, it can be a useful addition to the suite.


  • Marketing automation will not guarantee you leads on its own. You need a hook in place first. Many businesses entice consumers to sign up for a newsletter, for instance, and then gradually turn these cold leads warm.
  • Your strategy should always keep in mind a human face. You need to treat consumers like real people, and at Hoorah Digital, we use behavioural data to form a multi-faceted impression of the end user.

Post sale engagement is important.

This drives brand loyalty and creates up-selling opportunities.

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