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There’s no secret bullet when it comes to paid search. It takes good old fashioned hard work. Understand the market, test your work, and be prepared to listen to the data. There’s no room for planet-sized egos or zealous editorial ownership in this sphere and Hoorah Digital uses smart Adwords scripting to ensure we get maximum exposure for brands with less media wastage.

Planning and competitive research

We believe research is the only way to truly deliver a client solution and we rely on the impartial data to steer us in the right direction. Before we approach any task, Hoorah Digital studies your first-party data and brushes up on your unique second and third-party information too. Data simply never lies. It tells a story. It is alive. With this in mind, our research ensures we understand:

  • Your KPIs
  • Whether you are seasonal or not
  • What your data is saying about your business
  • What the economic climate is like
  • Your plans for expansion
  • Any limitations you might have in advertising
  • Your most valuable product(s)
  • What you’ve done up to this point
    At Hoorah Digital, we go the extra mile, investigating your competitors and conducting a critical analysis of their:
  • Technical savvy
  • Position in the market
  • Likely marketing spend
  • Dominant keywords/keyword phrases

Armed with this information, we formulate a strategy to put you out in front.

Keyword bidding

Lexicons vary from city to city let alone country to country, so we get to know the people we are speaking to and the seasonal patterns that are going to make a difference to our keywords. We jostle for position by playing smart and knowing the market best. A single wrong word can break a campaign, so research is vital in the race to stay ahead.

Ad copywriting

Say it simply. Capture attention. And keep quality control to a maximum. Those are some of the copywriting mantras we find ourselves repeating inside the Hoorah Digital bullpen.


We work with retailers in the UK and South Africa to improve visibility across all major search engines, including Google, Bing and Yahoo. We also work with the ecommerce brands’ own search portals, helping to improve accuracy and ease-of-use. Our services are perfectly suited to brands like Takealot.com and Amazon.com. Have you worked with Takealot before?

International PPC

Why limit pay-per-click to local territories? It makes sense to do business with countries all over the globe because PPC works globally, so long as you can get past the language barrier. The bad news is that simply pasting a wad of text into Google Translate isn’t going to cut it – international ads in foreign languages should be created from the ground up by a native speaker. The good news? Hoorah Digital works with a global roster of copywriters to cover every need.

App optimisation

Whether you’re looking to gain visibility in the iOS or Android app stores, Hoorah Digital uses keyword optimisation and conversion rate optimisation to drive your app up the charts, increasing visibility and downloads in the process. We optimise keywords in your app’s metadata, increase target keywords, and make use of A/B testing to understand how consumers are interacting with your app.

AdWords Scripts

AdWords scripts are snippets/lines of code that let you programmatically control your AdWords campaign. Think of them as nibbles of enhanced code for the code junkie; superfood for the starved coder. They can be applied to one – or several – accounts and are especially useful for automating tasks. In addition, it’s possible to set up new rules to overwrite pre-existing routines, making PPC campaigns infinitely more manageable. At Hoorah Digital, we can use scripts to help you automate portions of your AdWords campaign, or we can even create lines of code from scratch, giving you a custom, turnkey solution.

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