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At Hoorah Digital, we don’t pretend to be brand identity gurus. There are other agencies out there who can execute pretty designs. We’re interested in social media for the same reason we’re interested in all of the web – the advertising campaigns you initiate can be intimately tracked.

Our data-driven approach thus makes perfect sense on social. Using the data accrued by Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat and LinkedIn, we can drive campaigns to carefully defined audiences across these platforms. We sync our tools with the social network’s API to raise the bar on precision.
Let’s explain. Modern social media companies know a lot about you and me. We share our lives on these platforms. We make our preferences clear. We express our tastes in everything from the films we like to the cuisine we enjoy. For the savvy data scientist, social media marketing opportunities abound. Now it’s possible to access insights accrued by social giants like Facebook. The upshot? You can target people with campaigns that accurately match their individual likes and dislikes.

This is people-based, personalised marketing to a tee, and it means higher conversions and less wasted spend.

At Hoorah Digital, our skillset enables us to:

  • Create hard-hitting ads based on data science
  • Define audiences
  • Track conversions
  • Automate bidding and optimisation
  • Test, evaluate and adjust creative
  • Deliver custom reports based on campaign data

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Social isn’t a one size fits all.

Be sure to talk to your audience on the medium of their preference and supporting that channel with relevant content.

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