No more fragmentation.

Always run programmatic strategies

Programmatic marketing can take your business to the next level and at Hoorah Digital, we take it serious. Are you looking for expert programmatic campaign execution? An extra set of hands to complement your in-house team? Perhaps a set of bespoke needs met? We’re here to help. We use the Google DoubleClick stack to deliver innovation in spades.

Real-time bidding (RTB) and the Google Display Network are used in concert to connect you with new customers who are searching for products/services like those you sell. We then execute targeted display campaigns while leaving room to make adjustments to the creative on-the-fly. This ensures we spike conversion and eliminate wasted spend.

It’s not only new customers you want, of course. What about people that stopped short of completing a purchase? In these cases, we use display retargeting to mop up lost revenue, triggering ads to customers that exited at the very last hurdle. Perhaps they weren’t in the mood or were interrupted at the last minute. Retargeting is a proven method of bringing people back to your site to complete a purchase. Moreover, retargeting can be used to upsell existing customers who trust your service and might be interested in add-ons or upgrades.

One advantage we have over other agencies is our flexibility: as audience behaviour changes many programmatic marketers fail to alternate their content. By staying attuned to the digital climate, Hoorah Digital intercepts the right audiences and uses machine learning to meet emerging trends head on. We are proficient across various programmatic platforms and DSPs.
In the end, you either talk to people directly or you don’t talk at all. That’s why we leverage first, second and third-party data to know what’s being said before bidding for space and using programmatic solutions to get there first. Our campaigns span different creative formats and are executed across different devices and channels too.

Tell a meaningful story through data.

And follow the user on every single device and channel.

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