We give clients the competitive edge

By utilising the DoubleClick stack smartly .

DoubleClick Campaign Manager is your all-in-one data hub. Built with simplicity in mind, it pulls in audience data across devices and platforms and simplifies the marketing process.

DoubleClick Studio is the creative arm of the suite and enables us to deliver stunning rich media advertisements across both programmatic and non-programmatic campaigns.

DoubleClick Bid Manager is a demand-side platform. Here we manage your advertising inventory through the interface. With the data on hand, we to talk directly to consumers, track performance and optimise advertising collateral as we go.

Then there isDoubleClick Search, a powerful add-on AdWords, suitable for blue-chip multinational firms and ensuring a centralised point of measurement with tagging integration

With Hoorah Digital at your side, you’ll get the benefit of our extensive DoubleClick experience and expertise. We’ll devise strategies and execute creative work that puts you ahead of the competition, and if you’ve got existing tools and CRM databases, we’ll make sure DoubleClick is integrated into the fold. For firms with large customer bases and large volumes of data, we can make the difference.

Smart technology mixed with data.

Data should be the core of any marketing strategy with technology built to house and amplify this.

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