Audiences are unique

A good-looking landing page, informed by data-led creative, is important to any business. At Hoorah Digital, we employ a three-step process to register insights and optimise accordingly.

Step One: Landing pages built at speed and tested with equal efficiency

Speed is everything. At Hoorah Digital, we get new landing pages out the door and tested within days. Is the page displaying properly across mobile and desktop? Is the arrangement visually appealing? Does it make an immediate impact on the viewer? We answer these questions by analysing the data, then making changes where necessary.

Step Two: Heat maps added to the site

Heat maps track where we click, where we scroll, and transmit this data as visual heat signatures. In a matter of seconds, it’s possible to see whether people are overlooking a call-to-action, mistaking an image for a button, or ignoring an important part of the page altogether. Armed with this info, we go back and make the necessary changes – before trying again.

Step Three: Gauging audience feedback

We use real-time survey software to gather real audience feedback. Because we want to know why someone converted, and why someone else didn’t.

There is no one size fits all solution.

Tailoring the user experience will yield results and customer satisfaction
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