Performance marketing.

A higher conversion rate

Means a lower cost per lead. At Hoorah Digital, we apply our time-honoured techniques to improving that ratio. Here are three of the techniques we’ve used with great success in the past.

Step One: Landing page optimisation
Landing pages are an opportunity to make a good first impression.
To make landing pages soar, we run A/B tests (two versions of a landing page served to customers at random. We then analyse and compare the results to choose between the two); we streamline UX and we make use of heat maps to track where customers are clicking.

Step Two: Advanced AdWords optimisation
To get the most out of an AdWords account, you need to monitor it constantly, and that means employing advanced segmentation techniques to cut through the swathes of customers who will never buy your product. We look at click-through rates, relevancy, channel touch points to target customers who will actually convert. We’re particularly fond of negative keywords to block out customers who are unlikely to want what you’re selling.

Step Three: Facebook
As consumers, Facebook knows more about us than most platforms combined. Not only does most of the developed world use the site, most of the developed world shares what they’re up to, what they’re into, what they’re against. Better yet, Facebook now offers first-party data marketing opportunities based on this data it accrues. With Facebook’s insights, it’s possible to plain tailored campaigns to reach the consumers you want to speak to. Get a single view of a consumer across browsers and devices. Trigger an ad based on life’s special moments: the birth of that child, that celebrated engagement, that new home. With Facebook, the data is not only unfailingly accurate, it’s also rooted in emotion.

Don’t just plug in and play.

Apart from smart strategies, continuous optimization and data analysis is imperative to reach lead goals.

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