Target real people, not cookies.

People based marketing is the future

Digital advertising is set to become a great deal more personal and we are already ramping up for this. Not only this, we consider ourselves thought leaders within this space.

What do we mean by people based marketing?
Well, to illustrate, let’s quickly recap the way advertising has worked in the past. Broadly speaking, advertisers have found it very hard to target specific people and a lot of invested media budget goes to waste by targeting broadly and just hoping for results. It’s a spray and pray approach. People based marketing means that we talk to real people, not cookies so there is no spray & pray but only an intricate targeted approach.

How does this work?
We work with data layering, user location, online user behaviour, purchasing behaviour and publisher data to create custom profiles. We understand audience data and advertiser needs which means we can slice and dice the layers even further to fit the needs of any advertiser and brand.

Not only do we understand how to target real people, we also understand the tech that supports this. We are able to customise tech integrations and consult on the best tech solutions – all depending what data advertisers and brands are sitting on. Integrating data & tech, creating custom DMP’s and creating one-on-one advertising is our game.

We take it one step further – not only do we customise your data, integrate & build tech, we also know how to engage & communicate with these audiences once created and segmented. We complete the full circle.

The data that you’re sitting on is gold, let us help you today to utilise the data and turn this into real business opportunities.

Reduce media wastage.

Broad targeting, cookie based marketing will no longer yield the results brands are looking for.

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