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Email Marketing Still Delivers High ROI

Jason Liebenberg, Business Unit Director, Hoorah Digital, says that despite the proliferation and increasing ubiquity of channels like instant messaging and social media, email remains a powerful way for brands to reach their audience, and the reasons for this are simpler than one might imagine.

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Visions into 2020 and beyond

The trends set to shape the digital landscape in the year ahead. Terms like ‘hyper personalisation’ and ‘micro moments’ are more than just trendy buzzwords. Rather, they are important concepts set to disrupt and define digital marketing in 2020 and beyond. A closer look at these and other trends reveal where marketers need to be spending their time, effort and budget in the year ahead.

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Individualisation as a marketing strategy

Once upon a long time ago, a piece of creative would be sent into the world and thumbs were held tightly in the hope that the generalist messaging would resonate with their broader audience. Today, however, as consumers are ever more sophisticated and discerning, they not only expect personalised messaging and communication from brands but are soon frustrated by those that don’t.

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Up close & personal: The *secret* to marketing success in 2020

When data first became a thing, the receiver’s name in the email was the extent of it (and pretty impressive at that). But as both the technology and the consumer become more sophisticated so too does the need for marketing communication that not only calls you by name, but also speaks to your individual needs, preferences and, if the marketer is really savvy, your whims.

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2020 Digital Landscape Trends

According to Hoorah Digital CEO, Shaune Jordaan – understanding which metrics matter to your business is more crucial than ever before. When brands and businesses are monitoring the metrics that align to their commercial goals, it becomes significantly easier to gain traction in the digital space and realise opportunities for growth.

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Why digital marketing needs more female role models

Digital marketing, as an industry, is young, dynamic, fast-moving and filled with opportunities for women. But despite the enormous strides that have been made in terms of female representation in the digital marketing industry, it continues to be dominated by males at the executive level.

It’s an industry in need of female role models, particularly in the form of entrepreneurs.

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Viral Choice, Antistax appoint digital agency

Hoorah Digital has been appointed as the preferred digital agency to Sanofi’s Antistax and Viral Choice brands.

The agency was first appointed by Sanofi in 2018 to work on the Essentiale brand, and the recent addition to the portfolio is a testament of a successful client-agency relationship, says Shaune Jordaan, Hoorah founder and CEO.

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Hoorah bags Antistax and Viral Choice

Hoorah Digital has announced that it has been elected the preferred digital agency of Sanofi’s Antistax and Viral Choice brands. The agency was first appointed by Sanofi in 2018 to work on the Essentiale® brand. The recent addition to the portfolio, according to Hoorah, is a testament to a successful client-agency relationship.

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