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EXCLUSIVE: Nestlé awards African content biz account

Hoorah Digital has won the account to build Nestlé’s global content studio for Africa, which will bring the food and beverage company’s digital content production in-house.

According to Shaune Jordaan, Hoorah co-founder and CEO, the the digital media agency competed with a number of major agency players in a competitive pitch process that lasted five months from the initial RFI.

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2AM added to Hoorah

Hoorah Group Holdings has completed its acquisition of 2AM, a Cape Town-based through-the-line agency. 2AM will form part of Hoorah Group Holdings, while retaining all staff as well as their Cape Town office.

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How to be a digital-savvy CEO

Whether your business is focused on auditing, apple farming or architecture, it needs to have a digital arm. By now most business leaders accept that “digital” is – or should be – an integral part of the organisation’s approach to its activities.

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Hoorah acquires 2AM

Hoorah Group Holdings has acquired through-the-line agency, 2AM. As of January 2020, the agency will form part of the group while retaining all staff as well as its Cape Town office. It’s the third independent agency to be bought by Hoorah Group Holdings, following Tenzing Agency and Ritual Studio in 2018 and 2019 respectively.

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#BigQ2020: Personal, visual & always visible

Since long before we knew to call it “personalisation”, this form of marketing has worked to make customers feel seen, heard, understood and appreciated. Back in the day, if the person at the corner shop knew your name, or asked after your family, this was seen as good customer service, and ultimately made one feel part of a particular community. It’s thus fair to say that personalisation isn’t a new thing but, in the digital age, it’s certainly a necessary thing — giving those who employ it smartly, discreetly and efficiently an edge in an ever more crowded online space.

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