Essentiale: Lebo

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Many people still don’t understand the importance of a healthy liver to support long term wellness. Hidden out of sight, often with “‘silent’ symptoms, most liver issues go untreated as the liver simply cannot tell us when it’s not well. Coupled with the fact that most people are unaware that a daily supplement can dramatically aid our liver health,

How do we educate South Africans that Essentiale can offer incredible long term benefits if taken regularly?


We gave our liver a voice that would really let it pipe up in situations where our health was at risk. By humanizing this organ, with a lovable and extroverted personality, we turned the liver into a beacon of strength, demonstrating just how big this little guy’s contribution to holistic health is.

Introducing Lebo the liver, your body's best friend who always has your back and does all he can to protect you through life’s joys and tribulations. After all, who would ever put their best friend at risk?


Bringing him to life was no easy feat, we needed to conceive, design and invent a character that everyone would immediately love and recognize as their own liver. We meticulously crafted this adorable icon and launched him into the world via humorous real-world and social interactions.

And to further connect with our audience, we identified unique segments to serve bespoke crafted content to, featuring their particular interests and pain points.

And So ultimately Lebo the Liver enabled us to educate, inspire and guide our audience in making an informed choice, that Essentiale is vital to long term liver health.