Milk Aliens

Dairy Gives You Go

The campaign launched with an online film featuring our quirky aliens. We were tasked with bringing the Aliens as well as their future technology in the film to life. We made use of 80's sci-fi inspiration to style and art direct the Alien VFX. With a combination of digital effects, CGI and compositing, which included green screen footage and 3D effects over live-action plates we saw our vision manifest. After people watched the film, the Campaign directed consumers to sign-up to play the Dairy Space Race mobile game.

Social ads, influencers, and tactical online comms further encouraged game sign-up. Players had to feed an alien dairy daily to get it to full strength. Ongoing social interaction and incentives kept players excited and competitive for an entire month. The winner was announced by one of our film aliens and their journey to the Kennedy Space Center could be followed online.