Making the invisible visible.


Every sneakerhead knows that one drop of dirt can F**K up a fresh pair of kicks. What they don’t know is, how easy SneakerLAB can get them back to looking clean AF. But how do you showcase the power of the latest biotechnology in a way that sneakerheads will understand?


Well... you make the invisible… visible.

Bringing it to life:

Through a multi-channel approach, SneakerLAB launched their eco-friendly alternative to common detergents; supported by the unveiling of their new brand positioning. At the heart of this approach, was a superbly crafted story that would break on leading sneaker sites, and demonstrate the technology in a visually immersive video.

Inspired by the actual product formulation, we used advanced algorithms in SideFX Houdini to create a simulated model of dirt and grime, illustrating how dirt spoils kicks.
To further visualise this we coded dynamic renders, using unique 3D solvers in a molecular model of the formula, bringing to life the simulated organism, that just like the real organism used in their product, that expands as it consumes dirt, leaving behind a clean pair of sneakers.

This was all designed inside a computer simulation and visualized with the latest procedural rendering and animation technology. And to kick it all off, sneaker and cultural icon, Hypebeast - launched our video to millions of sneaker enthusiasts the world over who would in turn learn about how unique our formulation was, putting us a step ahead of the competition.

And so now fresh drops are again something to queue up for, and not something to side step.